Okay, so I don't really have many of these.
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Q: What kind of paper do you use for your comics?
A: I use 8.5x11 standard white printer paper which you can find pretty much anywhere except for the places where printers don't exist. Like Illinois. I use this because it's an impractical size for if I ever want to get this comic printed and because I can steal it from my school if I run out. Yay stealing!

Q: What do you color with? Photoshop?
A: My weapon of coloring choice is Prismacolour Markers and a white Pentel Sunburst Gel pen. For some reason my art doesn't look finished until I add copious amounts of unnecessary highlights so. Yep.

Q: What are your main marker colors?
A: For skin I use brick beige and clay rose. Zombie skin is brick beige layered with avocado, clay rose, and spring green. Gjerde's hair is a mixture of goldenrod, sienna brown, burnt ochre, and dark brown. Anything white is probably shaded with driftwood, unless it's eyes. Eyes are shaded with driftwood, brick beige, and cloud blue. Most of my skies are cloud blue. Blue Street's logo is a mixture of true blue and deco blue. Grayed lavender is used for my "distress" speech bubbles and the bags under gjerde's eyes. My blood is a mixture of crimson red, raspberry, eggplant, tuscan red, and dark brown. Don't even get me started on the buildings (warm grays 10-90%, sienna brown, dark brown, oatmeal, cool grays 10-90%). There are so many more don't even ask.

Q: Why do you like zombies so much?
A: I read "Zombies Calling" by Faith Erin Hicks (damnskippy on DA) back in like freshman year. For some reason that got me interested in zombies. I also blame my friends Clare Groth and Amy Vida. They've been the most horrible influences ever and I love them.

Q: What's with the "x" marks under your characters' eyes?
A: Gjerde started because I wanted to create a new, simplified style. I drew this ugly kid smoking a cigarette with a block head and was okay with it, so the style evolved from there. And ugly kid became Gjerde who isn't pretty but I don't think he's that ugly, either. So basically, the style that sparked the creation of GS:PTZ had them, and so they stay. (Yes, I forget them a lot of the time when I'm drawing, hahaha.)

Q: Dinosaurs?
A: Fuck yes.
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