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Gjerde Sha delivers cakes, lives in a crappy apartment and turns into a zombie at night. After killing a myriad of people, he finds his salvation and the path to sentience in a pipe-smoking bombshell and a walking quilt. Contains violence/gore/pastries/bromance. UPDATES WEEKENDS AND SOMETIMES DURING THE WEEK IF THE AUTHOR ISN'T DUMB


» A couple of updates.

Gjerde now has a zombie license, ahahaha.


Also, I have a tumblr. More on that later.
I have been trying to color, but with all this stuff in my dumb state of WI I've been super distracted!

» Blog!

I now have a sketchblog/faq site. Come visit me and laugh at my bad art!


If you have any questions or want to talk to me at length, go ahead at IM me through AIM at jeiface, or email me at zombiemime@gmail.com

Thank you guys for over 70 fans! You're blowing my mind a little.


I think it's hilarious that every time you start a new comic on this site, the first news post calls the event A MOMENTOUS LAUNCH HOLY CATS. It's probably funny to me because half the time, I never actually do anything with the new site or the news area, so that post sits there until my comic rots away from three years of dead internet time. Awesome.

Anyway, this is Gjerde Sha. That name has tripped up every single one of my friends and/or colleagues that try to pronounce it, so here's a guide.

Say it with me, folks.

This comic is drawn entirely by hand. I add textures with photoshop. Otherwise I'm sitting in my basement watching crime shows with my parents and scribbling all over with prismacolours. It's a great life.

Stick around, guys. This thing does have a little promise.


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